Welcome to my  Artwork Gallery, a comprehensive selection of my abstract paintings. Abstracts… because creation through the abstract art is the sublime freedom to express oneself. Thus, to be an artist means to me to gain that ultimate and sought-after freedom.
With the power of colour, I try to capture the beauty of landscapes, light refractions, mysterious fluctuations of water, texture of flowers, and deviational patterns of a moving form.
Music is that powerful source of inspiration which induces my profound emotions, plays on the strings of imagination and culminates in a refined creativity of artwork.
I am Gaya, an independent contemporary artist.



Paintings presented on this website are representative of Gaya’s art philosophy. The common theme of her creation is artist’s abstractive reflection on, and interpretation of, the natural world and phenomena. It also covers socio-philosophical reflections on our lives as fragmented as wholesome they are. For that very reason, the paintings include natural environments and objects, single elements of natural phenomena and geographical ambiance, panoramic view, and wildlife. This work, however, does not only convey Gaya’s admiration with nature. It also embraces the realities of life and surrounding world through the lens of our aspirations. Aspirations towards freedom and socially absurdist perceptions of human interrelations with nature and emotional strength and resurgence.



Gaya is an award-winning international contemporary abstract artist from Toronto. A recipient of numerous art awards and an author of several art publications, Gaya exhibits in Americas, Europe and Asia. Her abstract paintings are proudly held in a number of private collections.

During her emerging artistic career, Gaya has succeeded in many of her endeavors. She is a Featured Artist with Manhattan Arts International and Winner of the Great Art UK Runner-Up Award at Lacey Summer Art Prize in London. Gaya is a recipient of Biancoscuro Art Contest and Art Parma 2016 Winner Awards, Artprotagonist 2015 Award and the First Place Winner in CAGO Abstracts. Gaya’s achievements record spans from Artmajeur Gold Awards 2015 and 2014 to being the Finalist of prestigious art competitions Donkey Art Prize, Venezia Open Art and Lacey Contemporary in 2015. Moreover, Gaya’s works have been published in Art Compass 2016 by Himmelblau, Volume IX of International Contemporary Artists. The artist is remarkably featured in Aesthetica Magazine and in the April 2016 issue of Women in Art 278.

Gaya actively exhibits in Canada and abroad. Gaya’s works showcase in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Japan, Colombia and the United States. Her landmark art book “Stretching the Boundaries of Abstract” was published in 2015. In addition, video art projects of Gaya appear in major art event and festivals.